Timeshifting have been making websites since Facebook was a Harvard student’s side project, the laptop was on track to take over the PC, and there were predictions of iPods that could play video.

We specialise in building websites that are not only technically solid, but are fast-loading, good-looking and intuitive. It’s all about giving your users a great experience all the way to the checkout page.

We work with a number of talented local designers, photographers and copywriters, each skilled in a specialist area, and each wanting your business to succeed.

We love to work with interesting, fun businesses that offer something unique in the marketplace. And whether you need a platform to advertise your service, or an e-commerce site to run your whole business on, we can be there for you every step of the way.

Matt Gifford – Owner

I kick-started my career in systems engineering, then moved into design and pre-press, and I’ve worked with the web since 1997.

All that means that I’ve got a skill-set you don’t often find: I’m a designer who can understand how a site’s code will work, and I’m a programmer who notices when a design isn’t pixel-perfect and can’t let it slide.

What our clients say...

What our clients say...

"As a developer, Matt excels in a number of a areas. From a designer's position, it is very important to be able to hand over a PSD for production and have the final product resemble the design right down to each pixel. His effort does not stop until the project is finished, looking polished and performing flawlessly. I only wish that I could work with Matt more frequently, and highly recommend him for any development needs."

— Nichole Girard, Visual Design Consultant, Tangible-UX

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