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Website Design and Development

No bike, no helmet,
no lycra, no problem!

With the Avantidrome complete and ready for action, the Home of Cycling Charitable Trust needed a new website to accomplish its goal of bringing track cycling to the wider community.

The existing website was built with the aim of publicising and obtaining funding for the venture, but with that achieved it was time to build a new website, one that would meet their needs into the future.

So that’s what we did. We replaced their hard-to-use CMS with one that made it much easier to maintain the site, as well as provide clear information on their cycling programmes and drive track bookings and event ticket sales. And – of course – there was the social media integration, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

One of the biggest functionalities of the new site is the flexible promotions system, which allows the Home of Cycling to run in-house and third-party advertising on the site. That makes it super-easy for them to promote events such as the Track Nationals – and they can do so using a variety of ad formats.

Services used:
  • Mobile Dev
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Web Development