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Scion FR-S Interactive Brochure

Individual pieces of a cinematic puzzle

Art Direction by:


A joint venture between Subaru and Toyota was just the beginning

When two car markers known for reliability and performance get together, you know something magical is going to happen. Marketed in the United States as the FR-S under Toyota’s Scion brand, the new Toyota GT86 needed a site that told its creation story. Working with leading lifestyle brand agency BON and independent film makers, Timeshifting built the latest instalment of the Scion interactive brochures.

This is the website version of a concept album – it tells the story of a night drive through the urban streets of LA, combining the grit of the inner city with fantasy dream sequences. Video players appear as you scroll down the map, describing individual artists’ FRS experiences in their own distinctive ways.

Services used:
  • Mobile Dev
  • Social Media
  • Web Development