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Far Cry 4 Website

“Quest for Everest game website contest sets new Guinness World Record”

Art Direction by:

Unfold Agency

Gaming is tailor-made for bringing together online communities – and few gaming publishers do community engagement better than Ubisoft. The website supporting the latest release in the FarCry game series was no different.

Working with games publisher Ubisoft’s San Francisco office and LA-based advertising agency Five by Five, we built a visually lush game website. Many layers of smooth animation – and a few little surprises! – convey the immersive world of the Himalayan regions of Nepal, where the game is set.

User-generated content is a big push for the new site, including contests and weekly challenges. The main promotional contest was to win a trip to the Himalayas to play each of the game’s levels in the actual location it was set, including Mount Everest. In doing so, a new Guinness World Record was set for the highest location a game has been completed at!

For the weekly challenges, the site pulls in tagged content from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube when the user has included the hashtag of the challenge with their post. These challenges include completing in-game tasks and uploading the best photos and videos, which are displayed on a media wall for the community to rate and choose the winner.

Services used:
  • Mobile Dev
  • Web Development